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My Second Trebuchet

Height: 112 mm
Length: 155 mm
Depth: 52 mm, (175mm including supports)
Arm Length: 115 mm / 30 mm
Arm Ratio: 3.8:1
Sling Length: 110 mm
Counter Weight: 200 g (lead shot)
Counter Weight Drop: 51 mm
Projectile: 1/4 inch nut / jelly beans, 2 g
Weight Ratio: 100:1
Range: 12 feet

Counter Weight Projectile Weight Weight Drop Theoretical Max Throw Actual Max Throw Efficiency
200 g 2 g 51 202 inches 144 inches 71%

On this model I built a new arm with a hinged counter weight. The frame is the same as number one, I just changed arms. I also increase the weight from 120 g to 200 g. This gave me a greater range of twelve feet. Also there is no kick on the frame because of the hinged weight.

WARNING! Trebuchets contain fast moving parts that can whack you silly if you get too close when firing. Care should be taken when using and device to hurl objects to make sure that the safety of persons and property are considered before constructing or using such devices. These pages are provided for the display of my accomplishments and not as instruction on how to safely build or operate a hurling device.
Always use under adult supervision.

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