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Mighty Mouse

Height: 18.5 inches
Length: 10.5 inches
Depth: 8.25 inches
Arm Length: 11.5 / 3.5 inches
Arm Ratio: 3.3:1
Sling Length: 11 inches
Counter Weight: 600 g (axel) + 536 g (axel) = 1136 g
Counter Weight Drop: 12.5 inches
Projectile: 8 g (solid rubber mouse ball)
Weight Ratio: 142:1
Range: 91 feet

Counter Weight Projectile Weight Weight Drop Theoretical Max Throw Actual Max Throw Efficiency
1136 g 8 g 12.5 inches 1775 inches 1092 inches 62%

Mighty Mouse. A mouse ball hurling machine based on the FAT2K from trebuchet.com. My goal for this little guy was to build a machine out of readily available parts. The wood, except for the base, I got from an old boot rack my neighbor was going to throw away. It is composed of " mahogany. If your are going to build something why not do it in style. The base is pine and it is all held together by white glue and brass screws. Then finally 3 coats of varathane to give it a nice shine.

The wheels are bath tub door rollers on a 8-32 threaded rod. I cut a groove around the circumference and snapped on some neoprene o-rings. The pin is coat hanger wire held in by a bolt and spider washers for adjustment.

Currently I haven't added any weights or made a sling yet, but the action is great.

The axel is made of 2" by 1/8" aluminum plate and held together by " X " aluminum blocks and bolts. The arm pivots on 8-32 threaded rod sandwiched between the aluminum blocks. The total weight of the axel before adding any weight is 600 grams.

Extending from the axel is a bolt that rests on the trigger. The trigger is fastened at on end by a screw and nylon washers and is held up on the other end by a pin. The pin passes over a screw an inserts into the end of the trigger bar. When the pin is pulled out the bar falls and releases the axel. The action is very fast.

WARNING! Trebuchets contain fast moving parts that can whack you silly if you get too close when firing. Care should be taken when using and device to hurl objects to make sure that the safety of persons and property are considered before constructing or using such devices. These pages are provided for the display of my accomplishments and not as instruction on how to safely build or operate a hurling device.
Always use under adult supervision.

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